In September 2015, Virginia Gingras ran the Bruce Trail end-to-end (Tobermory to Niagara), covering approximately 900+ km of some of Ontario’s most rugged terrain. On average, she ran approximately 70 km a day for 13 days 6 hours and 28 minutes, securing the fastest known time for a women to complete the Bruce Trail End to End. Why, might one ask, would she take on such a huge challenge? The answer is simple – to raise money (over $18, 000) for a cause that she is very passionate about: Positive Mental Health among Youth. 

For a quick peak at the adventure, watch the video below:

Sport Chek Video of Virginia Vs Brucecropped-11230599_10155649765140192_1587023580837184857_n.jpg

As a secondary school teacher, Virginia knows all too well the struggles that teens face in today’s society. Depression, poor body Image/ low self esteem, anxiety and disordered eating are but a few of the serious issues that face many teens as they struggle to fit in to our ever changing world.  Seeking help and support can seem daunting to youth as the stigma attached with mental health issues deter students from using their voice to reach out for support. Virginia knows this first hand, as she struggled from an eating disorder and resulting depression in her late teems and IMG_3555[1]university years. Today, she gives presentations on Positive Mental Health to over 25 schools in the Ottawa and Toronto area, something she wishes she would of had access to during her youth.IMG_3467[1]

The money raised ($18, 000) was put towards awareness for Positve Mental Health among Youth, focusing on giving students a voice and allowing them to seek the support they need as they navigate their way though various stresses they encounter on their journey to adulthood. Virginia knows todays’s youth are the future movers and shakers and will pave the way for the next generation. She feels we must work together to help gives them every opportunity to excel in their personal endeavours.

It all starts with positive mental health!

Follow her 13 day adventure by clicking on her BLOGS . They have pictures and video which tell the entire story!

Below is a CTV interview about virginiavsbruce.