These fitness classes consist of a 60-minute workout to sculpt and tone the body.  The Upper Body sculpt focuses on the only upper body with core and stretching. The FULL BODY Sculpt incorporates legs as well. Participants need to bring a yoga mat and water.

The main focus is on strength building, muscle endurance & core along with muscle endurance.

Each week will be a different format using stations, group weights, TRX, stability balls & fun sequencing. For the Upper Body Sculpt, it gives those legs a much-needed break with all the walking, hiking, running, biking, gardening and cardio during the summer. Upper Body Sculpt class is a nice compliment during the spring/summer for your fitness. Full Body allows you to focus on legs and arms 🙂 Bonus for both.

This class is for everyBODY so grab your mat and water and join us deep in the woods. ALL LEVELS as you go at your own pace with your choice of weight size.

The Kickboxing & Sculpt is another “new class” this fall. Check it out – low impact and loads of fun using combat moves.

Fall/Winter 2023  

  • Tuesday 9am Full Body Sculpt (Kelley)
  • Thursday 9am Upper Body Sculpt & Core (Virginia)
  • Tuesday 5:45pm Half n’Half: Kickboxing & Sculpt (Daisy)

Investment: $15 per class