“Embrace all your emotions, learn from your reactions to them and thrive towards your BEST SELF”

This one day workshop will educate and empower girls to identify their emotions and learn how to use a variety of tools to handle their reactions/actions that go along with them. Using positive mental health activities, yoga, baking, team building and presentations, this workshop is jam packed with opportunities for the girls to explore one’s inner dialogue in a safe non-judgemental setting. A huge emphasis will be placed on handling your emotions and working through them. We will also focus on identifying your feelings and acknowledging how outside influences and our internal dialogue turns our self-talk into negative messages. Most importantly, the day will allow the girls to see that their emotions are very similar to everyone else (adults included) and they are not alone. The girls will be encouraged to share, but are also welcome to be a passive listener as well. 

This workshop is developed and facilitated by Virginia Gingras and Andrea LaMantia. Both instructors are veteran athletes, school teachers (combined experience of 22 years) and passionate advocates for Positive Mental Health. They carefully developed the workshop for a maximum of 15 girls, allowing them to pay close attention to each girl and ensure a safe, nonjudgemental environment is established.   To learn more about these instructors and their backgrounds please click on their names.


Participants are welcome to come with a friend or by themselves.  Regardless of their personality (shy/outgoing/introvert/extrovert), this workshop is for ones SELF to grow, learn and become more comfortable with their feelings and recognize the importance of expressing/sharing your emotions to help work through any issues.

Being able to have the confidence to communicate feelings is the first step to finding ways to continue to thrive with these emotions. Navigating emotions and thoughts each day is a lifelong journey. This workshop attempts to convey that challenges with emotions is an ongoing and never ending discovery.


Age: 10 years – 12 years (grade 5 – 7ish depending on the maturity of participant)

Location:  53 Fairway Court, Horseshoe Valley (see below)

Cost: $75 (includes lunch & 2 snacks, yoga, baking, positive mental health workshops, presentation)

Dates:  Sunday, March 25th, 2018 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Class Size: 15 girls maximum

Register: CLICK HERE 

Questionnaire: Emotions Exploration Questionnaire

Instructor:  Andrea LaMantia & Virginia Gingras 

Email: For questions/concerns email thrivingthroughaction@gmail.com

Bring:  water bottle, yoga mat, comfortable clothing and snacks (if needed)

Workshop Itinerary                  

Example Itinerary                                           

9:00 am:                     Arrival/Introductions/Emotions Icebreaker

9:30 am:                      Your Best You Activity (Embracing/Acknowledging all Emotions)

10:30                            Flow Yoga (Focus on Breathing, Movement and Finding Calm)

11:00                            Nutrition/Baking Workshop

12:00 pm:                   Empowering Quotes Activity with Lunch

1:00 pm:                     Window Art: (Black & White Thinking: Finding the Grey)

1:45 pm:                     LOG Activities: Embracing Failure,  Combatting Negative Self Talk

2:30 pm:                    Restorative Yoga (Positive Ways To Release Stress/Emotional Build UP)

3:15 pm                       Debrief/Reflection Activities

4:00 pm                      Departure


Please note, we do offer one and two day custom workshops during the week or on weekends for groups of 10 – 15 should you be interested in a different time/date and have your own group. Contact us to see if we can work around your schedule. 


The workshops will take place in a spacious home that has scenic views, providing a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. The open concept kitchen/great room will be used for the nutrition workshops and lunch, while most other activities will be held in the yoga studio.

Housepic1  House Great Room

Instructors Bio:

To learn more about each instructor below, please click on their names.

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Andrea LaMantia                                 Virginia Gingras

Photo Gallery Of  The Workshop: