Spin Class

Welcome to Vicki Tree spin classes. There are 8 bikes available. The new studio on a 43 acre treed property has started. Hoping to be spinning “with the trees” for the winter. Can not wait!

The season for spin classes runs from mid October until April with both “6 week sessions” and drop-in options. 

February/March drop-in classes are now out! Sign up via google doc!



Spin is back!. Woot woot!
Although the upstairs is not quite ready for participants yet, the new spin room is up and ready to go. Fall 2021 was a hit and now we are open again for Feb 2022. 
FEB CLASS OPTIONS: (limited for now while things unfold)
  • Monday 6am 
  • Wed 7am
  • Wed  6pm
  • Saturday 8am and 9am
  • Sunday 9am 
COST: $15 plus hst ($17 total) e-transfer virginia@vickitree.com
LOCATION: 3626 Line 5 North (please note driveway is LONG – go right towards the modern grey barn) Please bring headlamp or flashlight as still working on parking light flood lights.
REGISTER: Simply put your name on the sign up sheet CLICK HERE and provide payment via e-transfer at the SAME time.
**Please note due to limited space, once you confirm with payment, there will be no cancellation refunds.


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