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Welcome to Thriving Through ACTION’s spin classes. The spin classes are offered in my home studio. There are 8 bikes available. The season for spin classes runs from mid October until March/APRIL. There are both drop-in and 6 week sessions available at this time.


Right now there are two drop-in classes before the season begins Oct. 14th, 2018  A welcome back spin class is on Wed Oct. 3rd at 6am and Wed Oct. 10th at 6am. Sign up on the google doc now to secure your spot – CLICK HERE

OCTOBER 2018 Session

Session Date: Week of Oct. 14th through week of Nov. 18th (6 week session)

Location: 53 Fairway Court (Highlands area), Horseshoe Valley

Description:  40 minute spin followed by 20 minutes of core/stretch. Bring water, yoga mat & towel. Classes are for all levels. Beginners are welcome. Come 10 minutes prior to start time.

Schedule: This session will not have registration as drop-in only. Simply click on live google doc and add your name to the class you want and remove your name if you need to. However, there is a 48 hr cancellation policy. If you remove your name within 48hrs of class you will be charged for the class.

Cost: $60 per session ($10 per class)

Class Times: 

  • Mon 6am
  • Tues 6am
  • Tues 9:30am
  • Tues 6pm (Andrea Teaching)
  • Wed 6am
  • Sat 8am and 9am (DROP IN ONLY EACH WEEK)
  • Speciality classes on occasion (check schedule for super spin blast!)

Register: opens Sept. 12th CLICK HERE

Instructors: Virginia Gingras and Andrea LaMantia (click on their names to learn more about each instructor) NOTE: Virginia will be teaching all the classes except Tuesday 6pm, but Andrea will sub at least one class per session in all other classes! Lucky us to have her back!!

Contact: Virginia at virginia@vickitree.com or  via text at 647-273-2388

Information For 6 week Sessions ONLY (not Drop-In):

  • Once you confirm your class/spot (by paying), it is yours for the entire 6 weeks. You can send someone else or share it from the start (just give me a heads up). I would rather the bike be filled than empty as provides more energy for everyone else in the class
  • If classes are NOT FULL and have room, they will become “drop in” spots for the entire session
  • If classes are FULL – you can still drop-in if someone is away (using link eventually provided once session begins) so keep checking schedule
  • For Saturday – they will always be drop-in classes and a google doc will be used to sign up in advance.
  • Should you want to be put on the spin email distribution list please contact Virginia
  • Sorry, NO make-up classes.
  • For payment: cash (put it in envelope with name & class) or e-transfer accepted


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