During the month of April the online classes with Vicki Tree are FREE. 
For the month of May, there will be a charge. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Class are welcome to all yogi’s who have attended a class here before and have already signed a waiver. For those that have not been to Vicki Tree, I trust you will email me at and we will send you a waiver to sign.

The classes will be recorded and available for 4 days online. Please see bottom of page for recordings.


The two regular yoga classes offered online live via Zoom will be:
  • Monday Power Flow 6pm
  • Friday Happy Hips 9:30am
Please download the zoom app via
Detailed description on how to log in to these regular classes with password is below.
SPECIALITY CLASSES – a few extra classes will be added each week randomly. Any new classes are updated below each week.


Power Flow is for those familiar with yoga and at an intermediate level.
This does NOT mean “how fit you are or whether you can do a handstand or some fancy arm balance”. It means that you understand your body, the postures that work for your body and the variations that allow you to feel comfortable at all times. An intermediate level means you are familiar with vinyasa flow and understand breath, your body, the postures and how each day your mind and body responds differently. By intermediate I mean you are very self aware within your own practice. 🙂
The Power flow class will use creative sun salutation sequencing to move you from one posture to another seamlessly using your breath. During this energetic practice you will create heat and rejuvenate from the inside out leaving you refreshed and transformed. You will breathe, balance, strengthen, twist, invert, stretch and go deep within your core. Suitable for those comfortable with Vinyasa Flow.
Class: Power Flow
Time: Monday 6pm
Dates: every Monday 6pm – just use the same link
Join Zoom Live Yoga Class
Meeting ID: 707 301 801
Password: Vicki Tree


Happy Hips Deep Stretch class is for all levels.
This class is a beautiful soothing class is designed specifically with your hips in mind. The postures are designed to open, align and relax your hips. Those with jobs that require one to sit/stand for long periods, athletes or anyone with tight muscles will especially benefit from this soothing sequencing. A combination of YIN, Yan and restorative postures will be used to move, stretch and relax those tight areas, benefiting your hips and back. This class is designed to work the hips through all 6 directions that they naturally move and is a compliment to a busy stress filled week.
NEED – strap or belt, blocks (if you have them) and towel or blanket for knees
Class: Happy Hips Deep Release
Time: Friday’s at 9:30 am (note – Thursday, April 16th instead of Friday April 17th for that week)
Reoccurring: Every Friday – just use same link
Join Zoom Live Yoga Class:
Meeting ID: 919 403 539
Password: Vicki Tree


TIME: Wed, April 29th 7pm

This 60 minute peaceful, quiet class will settle you in for bedtime after a busy weekend. The first 30 minutes will be soft movements (mostly lying on the earth or gentle standing) that allow you to open and “unstick” tight areas. Both Yan and a few Yin postures will be used for deep stretches that go into your connective tissues (joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons). This class will try to open your body and mind using as little muscle activation as possible. Following that 30 minutes, the final 20 minutes will be restorative postures for you to unwind your mind and allow you to be open to accepting. The class ends with a beautiful 10 minute Svanasana to allow you to loose yourself in stillness. This class is suitable for all levels and a great way to reduce stress and stop the mind from turning.
NEED: firm pillows or cushions, blanket, strap and towel for knees, blocks (if you have them)
Class: Yin/Yan Restore
Time: Wed Apr 29, 2020 7pm
Join Zoom Live Meeting
Meeting ID: 839 4568 2564
Password: Vicki Tree


The following are the class recordings on the cloud for April. They will be posted and stay live for 4 days after occuring  to allow you to practice on your own time.

However, should you wish to purchase the entire month of April’s recordings (10 video recordings in total) you can do so for $20. Please email to request the files and e-transfer the $20 then.

  • Yin/Yan & Restore April 30 Recording CLICK HERE
  • Power Flow Monday, April 27th Recording CLICK HERE
  • Happy Hips Friday, April 24th Recording CLICK HERE
  • Power Flow Monday April 20th Recording (no longer on cloud, email Virginia for access to file)
  • Yin/Yan & Restore Sunday April 19th Recording (no longer on cloud, email Virginia for access to file)
  • Happy Hips Thursday April 16th Recording (no longer on cloud, email Virginia for access to file)
  • Power Flow, Monday April 13th Recording (no longer on cloud, email Virginia for access to file)
  • Happy Hips Deep Release, Friday April 10th Recording (no longer on cloud, email Virginia for access to file)
  • Power Flow, Monday April 6th Recording (no longer on the cloud, email Virginia for access to file)
  • Deep Stretch and Unwind (no longer on the cloud, email Virginia for access to file) Yoga management software
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