Positive Mental Health: “Keeping the Conversation Alive and Thriving Through Action”

-Empower, Believe, Evoke Change and Thrive-

Virginia Gingras is an experienced educator, an Ultra-Marathon runner and veteran Chris Jump Only meathlete who suffered from an eating disorder and depression in her late teens/early twenties. For the past 15 years, she has spoken at various schools, businesses and adult engagements around the topic of Positive Mental Health. Her presentations are a must see for all ages as they evoke change, inspire endless possibilities and fuel the belief that “yes, I can”.

Virginia is a well rounded individual who has held a variety of educational leadership positions (Math Department Head, Principal, Math Consultant) and most recently secured the fastest known time for a female to run the entire Bruce Trail (900km+ in 13 days – about 70km a day), raising $17, 000 for Mental Health in Youth. To learn more about this adventure (videos, pics and blogs) click on Virginia Vs Bruce tab on the home page.

Presentation Options: 

 (Please click on each for more information)

1) Postive Mental Health- Keeping The Conversation Alive

  • Audience: Female (Grade 6 – adult) or Male/Female (Grade 9-adult) 1 hour

2) Positive Mental Health: Thriving Through Action

  • Audience: Age 15 – Adult Male/Female  1 hour
  • Brief Description:  As an adult, finding balance and managing stress is crucial to finding happiness both inside and outside the workplace. Changing your life from just “surviving” into “thriving” is possible. This presentation uses Virginia’s epic Virginia VS Bruce adventure, a 900km Bruce Trail run in just 13 days, as a platform to discuss how we can take our “ideas” and putting them into action. Focus is on “thriving” by committing to the process, handling stress, believing you can and overcoming obstacles along the way. This is a must see for any staff or adult group and will inspire one to reach for their full potential.


As well, these presentations can be combined and tweaked to suit your audience. In the past, I have given both presentations (1.5 hour in length) by using a break in the middle or restructured the entire outline to fit the needs of my audience.  

For further information on the speeches, click the links above or contact Virginia directly at  She looks forward to speaking with you soon.

Lets keep the conversations around Positive Mental Health strong, real, alive and ongoing!

To learn more about Virginia’s background, click here.

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