Enjoy a peaceful massage with one of our RMT’s on the Forest Plank for Spring/Summer/Fall months or indoors in the winter. Receipts provided.

  • Solo 60 min Massages $100
  • Couple Massages $230 (coming in June!)


Availability: Thursday’s (12:30 – 8pm) for Solo Massages


  • Deep Tissue Release
  • Therapeutic Restorative Massage
  • Mind Body Energy Connection: Massage with Reiki

RMT: Barb Jeorges:

Barb is a Registered Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist and Reiki Master, giving her the knowledge & experience needed to truly understand the body’s needs to release tension while giving you a whole body connection.


**should you wish a different time or date, please contact us.


Therapeutic Restorative Massage (NEW)

This massage is performed on a heated massage table using a technique of rhythmic strokes designed to warm up the body’s tissues and soften the mind. This gentle warming up of the skin, allows a blend of relaxation massage, modified deep tissue massage and movement, while staying light enough for a restorative feeling. The focus is on restoring balance to the whole person for a whole body connection, facilitating healing of body & mind. Barb adjusts the massage focus to suit the clients needs (lymphatic drainage, circulation and so forth). This massage is simply magical as it is physically, mentally and energetically balancing.

Deep Tissue Release Massage

This massage uses deep tissue techniques to release tension and tackle problem areas while still feeling a soft release through the entire body. Barb is intuitive and can read the needs of her clients, pinpointing areas that need extra attention while still incorporating a release everywhere. By using all levels of pressure she is able to work into the superficial tissues and gently get into the deep tissue without leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Barb incorporates deep, slow rythmic strokes to apply sustained and varying amounts of pressure to target your musculoskeletal system, decreasing stress, pain, stiffness and tension .

Mind Body Energy Connection: Massage with Reiki 

Coupling Reiki with massage allows the treatment to be full circle and all encompassing, giving attention to both the tissues and energy levels. This combination unblocks tension throughout our whole bodies, allowing clients to leave with an added dimension of balance and sense of wellbeing. Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy and is a great addition to a massage as it seeks to clear and balance the body’s energy pathways and increase its ability to heal itself. There are 7 main chakras in the body – each one represents a physical, emotional and energetic portion of ourselves and sends energy to the nearby organs, bones and tissues.Reiki can lessen fatigue, anxiety, improve circulation, soothe headaches, aid with sleep and reduction of pain. You will Massage with Reiki is a blissful combination allowing you to experience a most comforting, relaxing and peaceful feeling often for days and months afterwards.