“Authentically You” – Summer Two Day Girls Workshop

Cultivate your BEST SELF: physically, mentally and emotionally

This powerful two day workshop will educate, empower and inspire girls to love themselves exactly as they are by guiding them through wellness/nutrition workshops, outdoor fitness adventure and self esteem building activities. 

This workshop is developed and facilitated by Virginia Gingras and Andrea LaMantia. Both instructors are veteran athletes, school teachers (combined experience of 22 years) and passionate advocates for Positive Mental Health. They carefully developed the workshop for a maximum of 15 girls, allowing them to pay close attention to each girl and give them the guidance and tools they need to find their best SELF.  To learn more about these instructors and their backgrounds please click on their names.

The girls are welcome to come with a friend or by themselves (which is encouraged as this workshop is to work on themselves). Regardless of their personality, shy/outgoing/introvert/extrovert this workshop is for ones SELF to grow, learn and improve their self confidence. Moving their bodies, challenging their negative self talk and enjoying the opportunity to work on themselves is the main focus !


Age: 10 years – 14 years (grade 5 – 8)girls jumping

Location:  53 Fairway Court, Horseshoe Valley (see below for more details)

Cost: $130 for 2 days (includes lunch/snack on Day 2 only)

Dates:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  •  Session 1: June 11th (1 day only – $65)
  • Session 2: Mon July 11th & Tues July 12th
  • Session 3: Thurs July 21st & Friday July 22nd
  • Session 4: Mon July 25th & Tues July 26th
  • Session 5: Thurs August 4th & Fri August 5th


Instructor:  Andrea LaMantia & Virginia Gingras

Email: For questions/concerns  virginiacann@hotmail.com or lamantia.andrea@gmail.com

Bring:  water bottle, yoga mat, bike, sneakers, picnic lunch for Day 1 only and 2 snacks



Workshop Itinerary                  

Day One:                                              

8:30 am:                     Arrival/Introductions

9:15 am:                      Your Best You Activity12fb28102846fdb1dc129ec8fed69938

10:00 am:                   Bike to Hike and Stress Buster Discussion

11:30 am:                    Empowering Quotes Activity

12:00 pm:                   Outdoor Picnic/Nutrition Discussion

12:30 pm:                   Positive Mental Health Workshop

1:00 pm:                     Yoga Outdoors

2:00 pm:                    Positive/Negative Coping Mechanisms and Robotics

3:00 pm                     Snack/Awareness Workshop (Media Literacy/Online Safety)

4:00 pm                     Debrief and Kahoot Activity

4:30 pm                     Departure

Day Two:

8:30 am:                   Arrival/Ice Breaker

8:45 am:                   Nutrition: Preparing Healthy Glo Bars Together

9:15 am:                   LOG Games2014-09-Banner_Empowering

10:00 am:                 Bike/Dance Activity

11:30 pm:                 Lunch Prep Together

12:00 pm:                Outdoor Lunch/Nutrition Discussion

12:30 pm:                Black & White Thinking: Finding the Grey

1:00 pm:                  Yoga Outdoors

2:00 pm:                 Outdoor Craft/Robotics

2:45 pm:                 Making/Test Healthy Smoothie Snack

3:00 pm:                 Drama: Fractured Fairy Tales

4:00 pm:                 Debrief/Kahoot Activity

4:30 pm                  Departure


The workshops will take place in a spacious home with a large backyard that has scenic views, providing a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. The open concept kitchen/great room will be used for the Nutrition workshops, while most other activities will be held in the backyard/covered porch. The bike and hike portion will be at 4th line park – leaving from the house and heading together on bikes to the park.

Housepic1 fire pit House Great Room Backyard HouseHouse2House Kitchen

Instructors Bio:

To learn more about each instructor below, please click on their names.

         Virginia and Andrea – selfie syle!


IMG_4082Virginia Gingras





Andrea Newspaper Article picAndrea LaMantia