Spring Trail Running 2019

Tired of running/walking on the road? Want to learn and explore some amazing trails in our area?

Join us on an adventure in the woods to sweat out the stress of everyday life and be surrounded by nature, fresh air and great company!  If you have never tried trail running or are looking for others to run the trails with, this is the class for you. 

As long as you can run/walk a minimum of 3km (walks in between is fine) on the road, this is a perfect fit.  Are you able to run more then that? The class is still for you. Worried about your speed? Not to worry – all speeds/levels welcome. We break up into three groups and navigate our way through the woods using each other and of course shear determination. Quite often, we walk the hills as it gives you an entirely different workout on your legs. Don’t fret – we will show you! You do not need to be a speed “runner” to be part of this group. Stop thinking – just come! Our goal is to enjoy – not to accomplish.

Your level and your energy you have on that given day dictate how much you want to push with the key goal of learning to ENJOY running not feel torture.BEGINNERS to the trails and LIGHT runners WELCOME and ENCOURAGED! 


We are back for the spring trail session and ready for an adventure! Continued from last fall  is a morning class for those able to get it done earlier (space limited).

CLASSES: Thursday May 2nd – June 20th, 2019 (8 weeks) from 6:15pm – 7:15pm  OR

Thursday May 2nd – June 20th, 2019 (8 weeks) from 9:15am – 10:15am

COST: $70 (8 weeks session)

LOCATION:  Horseshoe Valley Area (various locations)


  • 40 minute walk/jog then 15 minute core/stretch 
  • Three groups: Group A (walk/jog – plus walk all hills), Group B (jog – walking all hills) & Group C (advanced group – running the entire trail and longer distance)

BRING: water and yoga mat

INSTRUCTORS:  Virginia Andrea  with Ami assisting

CONTACT: virginia@vickitree.com 

REGISTER: Click Here

WAIVER: You will be sent a waiver that will need to be signed and returned the night of the first class.



  • 2.5 – 7 km trail running loops on various single track terrain, building each week IMG_3921
  • Three groups: Group A (walk/jog – plus walk all hills) and Group B (jog – walking all hills) Group C (advanced group – running the entire trail and longer distance)
  • Main focus will be on learning the trails, being outside, sweating to our comfort level and ENJOYING it (yes – we promise you will enjoy – not torture).
  • Every week we will do a different trail and participants will receive a map of all  trails/routes completed over the 6 week session
  • As long as you can jog for 20 minutes (with occasional walking) – this class is for you!
  • Focus is on social runs and learning trails – not speed. In the trails, there are many points where we will walk due to the changing terrain allowing us to regroup.
  • You will need regular running sneakers, water, a watch, yoga mat and a positive attitude.



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