Thriving Through Action: Mind and Body Recharge

Do you need some time away to rejuvenate and recharge your body and mind? This weekend will do justYoga that and much more.  Come with a friend or by yourself for a weekend of intense workouts, healthy food and inspiring workshops that will leave you feeling strong and grounded.

All fitness levels welcome! Each workout is geared for beginner to advanced and will be grouped according to ability. Do not let your hesitations or fears get the best of you, this weekend is for you to grow, learn and relax. Moving our body, challenging our minds and enjoying the opportunity to work on ourselves is our main focus!

Date:             Friday, Feb  26 at 7:00pm to Sunday, Feb 28th at 11:00 am

Location:      53 Fairway Court, Horseshoe Valley


Itinerary:      Boot-camps/Spin Classes/Snowshoe/Yoga/Healthy Food/Workshops

Bring:            water bottle, snowshoes, yoga mat, fitness gear, headlamp, snowshoes.

   Please inquire should you need any gear. Dress is laid back and comfy!

Register:        email virginiacann@hotmail.comspin

Instructor:    Cathy Gallagher & Virginia Gingras

Retreat Itinerary 

Friday, Feb. 26th

7:00 pm:                        Arrival/Welcome

7:30 pm:                        30 Minute Light snowshoe/Hike to Refresh Minds – headlamp needed

8:15- 9:00 pm:             Positive Energy Workshop

9:00 – 10:00pm:         Video to set the tone for tomorrow

10:30 pm:                       Bed

Saturday, Feb 27th

7:00 am:                         Light Breakfast Snack

7:30 am:                         40 Minute Spin Class

8:15:                                30 Minute Core/Stretch Class

9:00 am                         Breakfast/Shower

10:00 am                       Workshop

11:00 am                        Snowshoe Single Track and Snack

12: 45 pm                       Lunch

1:45 pm                          Restorative Yoga by Brenda Gibben

3:00 pm                         Workshop

5:00 pm                         Supper

6:30 pm                         Presentation/Video and Workshop

Sunday, Feb 28th

7:30 am                          Light Breakfast Snack

8:00 am                          Spin/Boot Camp Workout

9:00 am                          Breakfast/Shower

9:45 am                          Snowshoe Discussion Walk

10:30 am                        Debrief

11:00 am                        Depart

Instructors Bio:

Cathy Gallagher, a Certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, owns and operates Energize Fitness.  Cathy has an unique ability to motivate people to achieve their individual excellence and has extensive knowledge and experience with outdoor adventures, achieving goals and mental toughness, making her an ideal life coach.

Virginia and Cathy

Virginia Gingras is an experienced high school teacher who for the past 15 years has spoken at various schools and adult engagements around Positive Mental Health. She holds a Kinesiology Degree, Education Degree and Masters in Education. Also a fitness instructor, she is an outdoor enthusiast who loves challenging others to reach their full potential both physically and mentally.

Together, these ladies recently completed Virginia Vs Bruce an initiative where Virginia secured the fastest known time for a women to successfully run the entire Bruce Trail (900+ km in approx. 13 days) while raising over $17,000 for Positive Mental Health. Cathy lead this initiative, being Head Captain and Head Trainer for this inspiring adventure. To learn more visit