Super excited to have the fall schedule finally out. Registration is well underway.

If you are looking for trail running, trail hiking or yoga, please take a peak at the website ( and sign up today.

Yoga will be at the Heights and the trail hiking or running will be in and around the Horseshoe Valley area.

Space is limited and filling fast.

Looking forward to seeing you on your mats or on the trails this fall.


Interested in some free spin videos? Spin Sweat with Vicki Tree. FREE.

While we await the build of our studio on 43 acres of treed property, join me in my “ski chalet” for some spin as is! CLICK HERE FOR THE PAGE TO GET LINK!

Full YOga Library

Join Vicki Tree’s Library recordings for 30 days of unlimited access to over 35 plus yoga recorded classes. Fresh new classes added each day! Some on the beach, others in a studio, but all have something for everyone. From Happy Hips, Power flow, Gentle Flow, Deep Release and Restore, the library has it all.

To gain access for 30 days, simply e-transfer $32 to along with a message to gain access. Unlimited access to amazing recordings that you can do on your time! Join me on your mats!

Can’t wait


Hello all!

April is coming to an end and there is two FREE classes left. CLICK HERE ACCESS THEMĀ APRIL CLASSES FREE CLASSES

If you would like to purchase the 10 recordings from April, you can do so as well (information in link above) for $20. What a deal!

For May the class schedule is out and classes will be $5 per class. Just click here: MAY ONLINE YOGA

Looking forward to seeing you on your mats!


Happy Hips class recording is now posted on the website underĀ ONLINE CLASSES

Hope to see some of you Sunday for YIN/Yan Restore at 7pm. To get log in information visit the above link!

Happy Thursday yogis!

Check out the what the Evening Snowshoe Forest Trail Adventure in all about! Every second Thursday in the winter months. CLICK HERE for more information. We hope to see you on the trails!



Check out the newsletter with all new details for the upcoming January schedule.


Looking forward to another session with everyone. Check out some of the new workshops & classes offered, including YOGA 101: Learning the Basics Workshop, Inversions and Arm Balance Workshop, Evening Snowshoe every second Thursday and much more.


See you on the trails or on the mat!



The 8 week session for spin and yoga has now been released.

Click on the following link to register and see what classes are available.


Drop-in schedule to follow after registration closes. Visit the website to learn more!

Check out the website for the new November Drop-in Schedule and Speciality Classes.