“Authentically You” – Two Day Girls Workshop

Cultivate your BEST SELF: physically, mentally and emotionally

This powerful two day workshop will educate, empower and inspire girls to love themselves exactly as they are by guiding them through wellness/nutrition workshops, fitness adventure, yoga and self esteem building activities. 

Whether you have already done one of our workshops in the past or are brand new to the program – come join us for adventure filled days with inspiring activities to help you become your best you! Every Authentically You workshop is different, but they all focus on having you move, love, explore, challenge and expand your awareness of your thoughts, actions and attitudes.

This workshop is developed and facilitated by Virginia Gingras and Andrea LaMantia. Both instructors are veteran athletes, school teachers (combined experience of 22 years) and passionate advocates for Positive Mental Health. They carefully developed the workshop in a way that allows them to pay close attention to each girl and give them the guidance and tools they need to find their best SELF.  To learn more about these instructors and their backgrounds please click on their names.

The girls are welcome to come with a friend or by themselves. Regardless of their personality (shy/outgoing/introvert/extrovert), this workshop is for ones SELF to grow, learn and explore how our thoughts affect our actions and attitudes. Moving their bodies, challenging their negative self talk and enjoying the opportunity to work on themselves is the main focus !


Age: 9 years – 12 years  (grade 3 -6 ish)

Location:  53 Fairway Court, Horseshoe Valley (see below)

Cost: $140 (includes lunch/snack, yoga, baking, art and positive mental health workshops)

Date:  Monday & Tuesday July 23th and July 24th, 2018

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Register: CLICK HERE

Instructor:  Andrea LaMantia & Virginia Gingras

Email: For questions/concerns  thrivingthroughaction@gmail.com

Bring:  water bottle, yoga mat, bike, sneakers and snacks (if needed)

Workshop Itinerary                  

Please note, the workshop will be held mostly outdoors, with indoors being Kitchen Time and Yoga. Please bring a picture of ourself and one item (photo, article, momentum, medal, art, writing piece and so forth) that holds meaning for you and be prepared to share for 1 minute.

Example Itinerary: Day One  

9:00 am:                     Arrival/Introductions/Ice Breakers IMG_4970

9:30 am:                     Your Best You Activity: Who am I?

10:00 am:                   Nutrition/Baking Workshop/Create your Pizza Dough

11:00                            Bike Loop Obstacle Course (Positive Self Talk)

11:30 am:                    Empowering Quotes Activity and Media Awareness

12:00 pm:                   Kitchen Hands: Healthy Pizza Prep/Lunch/Nutrition

1:00 pm:                     Black & White Thinking: Finding the Grey Extension – DEBATE

1:30 pm:                     LOG Activities: Building a Teamwork Mentality and Embracing Failure

2:00 pm:                    Restorative Yoga

2:45 pm                     Dance Like No One is Watching (Comparing Ourselves to Others)

3:15 pm                     Fast Food Madness/Making Healthy Smooties

4:00 pm                    Debrief/Departure

Example Itinerary: Day 2

Day two will be an extension of Day One. Some of the activities include Baking, Bigger Picture Ice Berg Analogy, Hike/Bike Discovery, Emotions Explored, Restorative Yoga, Anxiety and Stress Reduction, Nutrition and Portion Control, Reactions and Mindfulness and Share Loud and Proud! We base day two off what the needs are of the group based on Day One. Please remember, we will be outdoors in nature for a hike/bike on Day two so dress appropriately.



The workshops will take place in a spacious home with a large backyard that has scenic views, providing a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. The open concept kitchen/great room will be used for the Nutrition workshops, while most other activities will be held in the backyard/covered porch. The bike and hike portion will be at 4th line park – leaving from the house and heading together on bikes to the park.

Housepic1 fire pit House Great Room Backyard HouseHouse2House Kitchen

Instructors Bio:

To learn more about each instructor below, please click on their names.


IMG_4082Virginia Gingras





Andrea Newspaper Article picAndrea LaMantia







Photo Gallery:

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