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Day 14: September 23rd @ 11:58 the Virginia Vs Bruce Mission is complete ending in Niagara

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaa!!!

She did it! Virginia Gingras completed running the Bruce Trail end to end from Tobermory Ontario to Queenston Heights, Niagara approximately 900km in 13days, 6hrs & 28min!!!

Hello everyone my name is Vicki Cann and I’m here to tell you that I have the same genetic makeup as the fastest female EVER to run the Bruce Trail. How cool is that?!

What’s even more amazing is I have a sister who tried to make a difference. She threw her own vulnerabilities and history of struggles in the open for everyone to see. She did this in hopes that even one troubled teen is listening. She did this in hopes that even one stigma about mental health has now vanished from our thinking.  To date, the Virginia vs Bruce trail endeavor has raised over $15000 for positive mental health. How cool is that?

This may not all have happened if it wasn’t for one moment in time. The moment, 15 years ago, that resonated with Virginia to not give up on life– the moment when she finally decided it was worth it to start trying.  It was the moment when Velma said, “ Virginia you may have given up, but I love you so much and I am never going to give up on you. So, I’m going to start fighting this battle for you until you are strong enough”.  Let’s hope that the money we raised will spark the moment that makes all the difference in even one young boy or girl’s life.

Well folks this will be my last blog. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to share this journey with you. It’s time I hand this website’s password back to its rightful owner. I’m sure Virginia has a few more stories and thank you’s she’d like to share on her own. Stay tuned for her next blog entry –‘ Guess how much money the Toe Nail Fairy leaves under your pillow after running over 900km?’ Stay tuned…

The final chapter in this Bruce Trail legacy started like this…


She even stopped with the 10km left to go to make special mention of moi [blush]

Pacers Christina Blackley, Brenda East & Velma Vos paced the entire 35km morning. On the final leg, Chris Laughren, Ray Gingras, Barb Campbell and Cathy Gallagher joined stride. As Gin said in the above video “I’m not doing this, WE are doing this. ..and we are finishing together. Everybody!” And boy oh boy, what a finish….


This video is a complete blurr but the audio is fantastic

Girl power!
The man who had the exhilarating job of all! –being the husband of a woman who dared to attempt something extra extraordinary. She couldn’t have done it without the support of Ray Gingras.

Virginia’s welcome home from her neighbors and friends
Gin’s most loyal fans –sons Ray-Ray & Julien

Virginia with recent strangers turned overnight hosts Phil Hutton of St. Catherines and Cathy Lee & Chuck Malcolmson of Hamilton. This picture represents Gin’s gratitude to ALL the people who hosted. You will have a place in her heart forever.
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