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Day #10: September 19th — 60.7km in 12.5 hrs ending at Map 13 Silvercreek

And she just keeps going and going and going and going. Despite a late start around 7am and a midafternoon downpour, Virginia was still able to run another 60.7km. Her ten day total is 667.4km. The Energizer Bunny is speechless.

As Virginia inches toward an inconceivable goal, there is a growing number of followers and this blog is getting popular — How could I disappoint with the material I’m given?  It’s all quite thrilling – rattle snakes,  mother-child reunions,  ER visits, tears, sexy pacers, dancing etc. I couldn’t make this stuff up. More and more people are hopping on the Virginia vs Bruce (VVB) band wagon. The donation meter is creeping up. Way to go everyone!! I know Gin is so appreciative right down to the bottom of her black and blue toes.

With the accolades, comes the pressure to keep blog followers interested.  I have considered hiring a stalker. He could try to sabotage everything by sawing down cliff stair cases, changing trail markers, or placing a few taxidermy grizzly bears here and there.   How suspenseful would that be!?  VVB would go viral and donations would sky rocket. I can see the headlines “Bruce Trail Stalker Captured!— Pacers lasso culprit using running shoe laces. ( Of course, the laces would be from Sport Chek  and the male pacers would be wearing nothing but Lululemon underwear [pause for visual]).

…But then I envision the stalker, with his chain saw, coming up behind me at 2am while I’m blogging… I turn and scream “You got the wrong sisterrrrrr!!!”  After my funeral, investigators would zoom in on a 1990 polaroid of Gin winning a road race. Running just meters behind would be yours truly with an envious evil glare in my eyes. What a screen play! We can call it ‘Body Guard II — Stalker in the Sticks’. Kevin Costner, I know you are reading this. Have your people call my people. Yes, Catherine Zeta-Jones, you can play me.

Sorry…I’m getting carried away. FYI: The Bruce Trail itself needs its own bodyguard. Would you believe it is not fully protected. Learn more on Virginia’s donation page where you can help protect this breathtaking trail…..

I suppose you want to know all the details of what happened today. Firstly,Gin said goodbye to best friend Colleen who went back home to Innisvale, Alberta.  Colleen had played a detrimental role in Gin’s turn around between Day 8 &9.  Today was another day of HUGE support. Captains Cathy Gallagher and Joany Verschuuren took turns pacing. Pacers also included Patty Scott, Keith Lascelles, Joanne Merkley and Andrea Stoica. Gin’s Georgetown high school cross country running team joined stride along with “The Hogs” running group.  On the last 1km the principal and teacher from Gardner Public School showed up in the woods for a cheerleading surprise. Gin doesn’t know these ladies but their school is following her. It was just what she needed because a messed up quad made the last 4km barely possible.  [note to self; do not curse in blog as children are reading]. Gin ended the day in the good hands of dear friend Andrea.

That’s all, Folks! This bunny better bop to bed.


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