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Day #9: September 18th –60.6km in 12.5hrs ending @ map 18 Hockley

Watch out Bruce, it looks like Virginia has opened up a can of WHOOP-ASS!

Can you stand the drama?! Last night I was left wondering if she would be able to get up and pee in the middle of the night let alone run again …tears, doctors, lab work, self doubt.  By the end of today, videos are being sent as if it’s Spring Break on the Bruce — Pacer’s Gone Wild  with Gin in the middle doing body shots off…..ok, not quite but you catch my drift — a full 360 turn of events ending at the 607thkm.

How did that happen? It was reassuring to know that the electrolyte results from the lab gleaned that her body was still on board. But most importantly, she woke up refreshed and with a new attitude. Her goal all day was to not focus on the kilometer number but to simply focus on the feel-good feeling she was having. The psychology of running plays an intricate roll in how and when you cross that finish line. Your body can withstand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince”

Well her mind was more than convinced. It was on celebration mode all day, all thanks to the Party Pacers; Steve Hunter, Greg Yaneff, Richard Ehrlick (Cpt. Barb’s husband), Lisa Lightborn-Lay, Captain Colleen and Cathy Gallagher. Cathy showed up earlier than expected which was an extra special treat. Greg could have come earlier yesterday when Gin needed him most but it was his 24th wedding anniversary and he said he really wanted a 25th— a wise, wise man.


The heart warming moment of the day was when Cathy’s high school student, 15yo Jake,  gave her a baggy full of

twoonies and loonies and asked her to give them to Gin’s good cause. So sweet! As of today the Virginia vs Bruce challenge has raised almost $12000.00  Tell everyone you know. We want to keep those baggies coming.

Not only did she run 60.6km. She did a 2000 meter elevation gain and a 1700 meter elevation loss — translation; a poopload of hills. For the last Pacers Gone Wild video, Richard Ehrlich does it high speed —note: No roots or rocks were injured in the making of this video…

Gin ended the day being pampered at the cozy home of Cathy & Barry MacDonald. Last night I felt sorry for her and tonight I am jealous! She was having a bubblebath as I spoke with her. But she had to cut me off when Colleen showed up with a gourmet meal on a tray. Great! Gin will be expecting this from Ray every night when she gets home.

This ends chapter #9 of this unfolding drama. Who would have thought a little jog in the woods would be so exhausting to watch … and blog. I’m totally sucked into it all day anticipating each update and then I’m up to the wee hours trying to spit it all back to you [pity song playing].  My husband now needs to give me salt pills, change my finger blister bandages and fill up my camelback before he goes to bed. If I don’t start getting some zzzz’s soon he’ll find me one morning banging my head off of the laptop screen moaning “Laces out Ginnie! Laces out!” (get it, Ace Ventura— see, not funny, I’m losing it) —hope my 5am bloodwork turns out OK.

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow. Go Gin Go!!

Night Night


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