Day #5: September 14th— 61km in 14hrs ending @ Map 27 Epping

To make a long story short—This girl is on fire!!!!!

…but I’m not one for short stories.

I know as much about ultra-running as I do about hamster racing. After Virginia had such a difficult day yesterday, I had know idea what to expect for Day 5. I must confess, I kept worrying the worst might happen.  Then I received this message from Gin’s friend, and it gave me some clarity and more certainty….

“I’m not sure of the best way to contact Virginia today. Can you please pass along a really important message from me? I recently completed a run of 90 km per day for 7-1/2 days, and I know some of the day 4 – day 5 emotional struggles. If I could talk to her it would be good. If not, please let her know that after day 4, things seem somehow less difficult. The pain remains, the long distance to the goal remains, but some (only some) of the muscle fatigue is reduced and there an indescribable “thing” that makes the ordeal less unbearable. I know it sounds like negative language but I don’t want to offer some meaningless Polly Anna junk. It’s still going to be difficult, but if she can focus less on how many miles remain, and more on the moment she is in, make the best of that moment until it passes into the next moment, she’ll eventually find that those moments have brought her to her goal. Wishing all the best, enjoy the ride”. Clay

Thank you Clay.

Well it appears Virginia  took one of those “thing” pills or got bit by one of those “thing” bugs.  Whatever came over her, it was sure nice to see.

Pacers Jerry Bakker, Lisa Lightbourn-Lay, & Shannon Miller
Welcome back Smile!
Doug Barber —just another runner.
Pizza! Cowabunga Dudes!
The support Gin had today was once again second to none. Thank you to crew team, Virginia Houston, Lisa Lay, Denise, Ron Irwin, Shannon Miller & Jerry Bakker.

There was also a ‘guest star’ pacer who was scheduled to run this evening. However, there was a change of plans and she was unable to join the crew. I must mention her name anyway as it’s people like this who have been so inspiring to Virginia.  Rhonda-Marie Avery is an experienced Bruce Trail runner who completed the 890km in 20 days.  What makes Rhonda extra amazing is the fact that she is blind with only 8% vision. You may have heard of her. The documentary about her extraordinary accomplishment was produced & directed by pacer/captain Lisa Lightbourn-Lay . Learn more at

Another fascinating person to mention is Doug Barber. Yesterday, he & his wife showed up on the trail with their bikes to cheer Gin on. Doug introduced himself as a fellow “runner” and if it wasn’t for his current injury he would love to be pacing beside her. We later received clarification on his running experience. Runner!!??—more like MACHINE!  He has completed a total of 265 marathons, 158 of which were ultramarathons . The remaining 107 were “just” marathons, of which 40 were under 2hrs 50min. …and for the cherry on top of the list, 9 Boston marathons.  —Someone please research this guy. I think he’s trying to pull a fast one on us.  Today he came back and ended up running with Gin for a brief time. Doug, whether you are a pathological liar or not, many thanks to you & your so called ‘wife’ for all of your support. 😉

At the endpoint Virginia said she had felt like she was moving strong throughout the day and was surprised to have finished “only” 61km. But she started a little later(7am) and it was a very technical day. She now has a swollen knee so the rocks were tough. She wanted to keep going but it was 9pm and the pacer was done and hungry. So, the captain called a “bath night” and in bed by 11pm for an early start in the morning. The start of the run will be 5km of gravel rolling hill so she is excited for that.

351.7km behind her and she’s not looking back!!!

This is Vicki signing out. Enjoy the videos…

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  1. oh Gin those feet! Wish I could share some of your pizza and give you a hug!

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