Day#3: September 12th—70.2km in 12.5hrs ending at marker 33, The Glen

Day three is history! Virginia started at 6am and finished at 7:30pm. She has now run a total of 223.3km. This is equivalent to completing more than FIVE marathons in 3 days.  No lie.

Pacers today were Velma (28km) & Ray (16km) –I didn’t know this mountain bike junkie knew how to run!…must be love.  Partners Rob Vanderwerf (30km) & Hannah Fraser (30km) volunteered through a mutual friend. Gin will be crashing at their place tomorrow night. Strangers to bosom buddies —sweat will do that.  Friend, Christinia Blackley (20km) was a wonderful last minute surprise and Jamie Gallager (trainer’s husband) escorted Gin in at the end of another successful day.

Hannah & Rob climb over barb wire
Hannah & Rob climb over barb wire
Ray & Gin enjoy the view
Sisters in stride
Sisters in stride

Surprise! Christina has arrived
Virginia and her team have been meeting up with other travellers on the trail.  There’s often an exchange of stories about why they are on the trail.  Everyone has a story. Gin has been asking the Sport Check slogan question “What are you sweating for?” She was deeply moved by one man’s  Bruce Trail quest.—– Two and a half years ago he lost his wife. She loved to hike.  He’s been hiking the trail since her death, one section at a time.  He hopes to finish in October.  The clincher is, he has carried her hiking boots in his backpack since day one.– “She has been with me every step of the way”.       Hear more of his story at

Trainer Cathy couldn't be there but she sent Gallagher!!!
Trainer Cathy couldn’t be there but her husband, Jamie Gallagher, was sent to steady the boat!! This is Gin on her last strides of the day. Look’n good!

Is it just me, or do my little sisters talk too much? I think pacer Rob feels the same way… see video….

I’m titling this video “Just Shut Up & Walk Down the Flipp’n Stairs!”

Virginia is very appreciative of her sponsors, so she had to sneak that Lululemon pitch in.  But seriously, an athlete’s undergarments can be a deal breaker. I’ll spare you the details of the risk of bloody nipples.       You’re welcome.

I’ll end off by asking one question: “Who’s hiking boots would you carry ?  Who ever it is, be sure to give them an extra tight hug today.

Until tomorrow,


4 responses to “Day#3: September 12th—70.2km in 12.5hrs ending at marker 33, The Glen”

  1. Mike, Em and Meg i would carry and would sweat for too!
    Nice pics! And thanks for out running Ray !👣🍀🏃🏻
    Xox Marie
    Will view the videos in the morning
    Sweet dreams and stay positive.
    We believe in you!
    Xo marie

  2. Thanks Vic. Your Dad was here last night. Showed him the updates. So proud of his girls.
    Cheers from the Shebibs.

  3. Vicki your daily write ups are so amazing I know virginia would be so happy
    You make the audience feel like they are with her thanks!!

  4. Laura and Justin MacNeil Avatar
    Laura and Justin MacNeil

    Way to go Virginia! We are thinking about you! Very proud

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