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A big thanks to SportChek for all their support for this adventure. Cam Munro (Operations in FGL) has been outstanding by organizing support for Virginia Vs Bruce. Right from the first phone call, he has been encouraging and positive about the cause and provided invaluable guidance for this adventure.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to work with a SportChek staff member, Shirley Hoy, at the Barrie location who took me under her wing and guided me through various products. I was initially so nervous entering the store and overwhelmed at what gear I would need, but Shirley made it so much fun for me. Her excitement and knowledge of the product was infectious and I found myself giddy with excitement. Shirley oozed positive energy and her belief in my cause was instant and so passionate. She was SO happy for me. The ability to be happy for others is such a beautiful quality and one that she possesses. I was not surprised to hear about all the wonderful things in her life: positive people attract positive experiences!

Its people like Shirley, Cam and FGL that contribute to positive mental health. Believing in ordinary everyday people like me and providing them with opportunities to reach their goals both physically and mentally is life changing,  Thank you SportChek from my family and friends to yours!

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