July 245 km Training Run (80 km per day for 3 days)

July Three Day 245 km Training Run:

Dates: July 16th, 17th and 18th

Distance: 245 km  in 3 days (approx. 80 km each day)

Location: Bruce Trail West of Thornbury through Collingwood heading South until Albion Hills.

In order to test out how my body and mind will respond to the stress (cramps, blisters, fatigue and so forth) during my 12 day adventure in September, I have organized a three day training run of 245 km on the Bruce Trail.

Cooling off at end of long trail run
Cooling off at end of 75 km run

It is fast approaching and I look forward to any support, comments and donations offered. Please donate using this link http://www.gofundme.com/x9es44

Late last night, as I was prepping for this training event, I thought back to my darkest hours during my depression and my battle against bulimia. Back then, I would of never guessed the life I now have, nor the potential I had to achieve my goals. I am no longer ashamed to speak about my struggles or use “depression or bulimia” in sentences that relate to myself. I am proud to say I am in recovery and feel strong and free to speak about mental health issues. Suffer from depression or any other mental health issue is nothing to be ashamed of. Having the courage to battle mental health issues is something to be proud of. I am proud. Very proud.

Detailed Run Itinerary

Below is the description of each day and pertains to the Bruce Trail Maps. Maps are shown below. I will post blogs and video diary each day as well for those that plan to follow. 🙂

DAY ONE: July 16th

Maps:  27, 26, 25, 24 (Eugina, Kolapore, Blue Mountains)

Start Point: Marker 85.3 (Map 27)        End Point: Marker 2.3 (Map 24)    Total Distance: 83 km

Cathy Gallagher (trainer) will accompany me for most of this day to ensure I start out strong!

DAY TWO: July 17th

Maps: 24, 23, 22, 21 (Blue Mountain, Pretty River, Devil’s Glen, Black)

Start Point: Map 24 marker 2.3            End Point: Map 21 marker 42.4      Total Distance: 82.2 km

DAY THREE: July 18th

Maps: 21, 20, 19, 18, 17 (Black Bank, Boyne Valley, Mono Hills, Hockley, Glen Hafty

Start Point: Map 21 marker 42.4

End Point: Map 17 marker 33.8       Total Distance: 80.9 km


Day 1 July 16th

Day 3 July 18th

Day 2 July 17th

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  1. Linda Netherton Avatar
    Linda Netherton

    Hello Virginia, I run with the Hungry Hollow Trailhogs. A few of us, 2 or 3, may join you on Saturday morning. Could you please let me know what time you will be starting? Thanks.
    Have a great run.

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