Heavy Week: Prepping for 3 Day 240km Training Run

Coming off a long heavy training week consisting of  mountain climbing/running (at Blue Mountain), mountain biking and long trail runs. I was lucky enough to be training side by side with some great Ultra runners whose past events put me to shame! 11182085_10153041984943877_1910605346436553987_nDenise Rispolle and Barb Campbell shared their mountain climbing run day with me in Collingwood – giving me some pointers as I prep for my September event. I listen carefully, as I know these ladies know what they are talking about – every detail being etched in my mind. Blisters is a hot topic – one that could make or break my attempt!

As I type this, my legs are burning and sore. However,  I know I can not rest long as it is important to test the legs while they are sore to push the limits to the right point. The perfect balance – so hard to find with huge consequences of injury if one side tips.

A few more big workouts today and tomorrow and then I will be ready to taper and rest up for my 3 day, 240km run in July that I will use for a training session.

July 16th – 18th will be the dates for this training. Starting above Blue Mountain and moving down towards Caledon East. 3 day of 80 km a day consecutively. This will be a test I need to conquer! I would love some pacers along the way or a friendly face of support. 🙂

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