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80km Training Day – May 24th

Coming off the Bear Mountain 50 km Ultra Marathon in New York, I am sore and tired all over. That race was one of the toughest I have ever done due to the hills and rocky terrain. But, it tested my fitness level and mental toughness. I just reminded myself to suck it up. 🙂

Knowing that my goal is to conquer the Bruce, I know it is important to get a full 80 km training day on the trail. I pick my date – May 24th. This run will help me navigate the maps and get comfortable with unknown territory. I decide to tackle the Bruce Trail from Belfountain to passed Crawford Lake. I am pumped and ready, getting all my support people in place and gather up some running buddies for parts of the trail.

The real beauty in training for something like this lies within your ability to seek help from others. I am so very lucky to have some great friends, who think I am crazy for running so LONG – but value my intentions! In the past, I would ever ask help, but now I know it only makes you stronger and wiser,

The Houston Family is one of those AMAZING families who have been the greatest friends anyone can ask for! Them, along

with many others, met me along the way for food, water and encouragement. I did the first 22km solo and met up with Michelle (ER nurse in Georgetown) and my captain Patty for 15km. At that point, the whole Houston Family met us in their truck and off Virginia Houston and I went for the next 22km. I finished off the last bit alone in the woods but with support from Andreea Stoicca (fellow teacher/friend) who followed me in her car with ice cold water, pop and other little treats. She even slapped on her own running shoes for the last 5 km with me to give me the final push. Luck girl I am!

Here are some pics of this great day. I felt loved, supported and free!


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